The DREAM Committee's multi-year, multi-phase goal is to bring the arena into the new millennium with upgrades that will accommodate our aging population and meet the current needs of its users.


The DREAM Committee was initiated to raise funds and apply for grants so that the existing plans for upgrades and expansion to the Dryden Memorial Arena could be put back into motion. The need for upgrades was recognized and a study completed and plans developed in 2010. The DREAM Committee is comprised of ten dedicated citizens who recognize the need for action and have stepped up to the challenge.

Phase One of the multi-phase, multi-year project is to add much needed dressing rooms to the arena. During regular use, tournaments and competitions, it is a challenge to accommodate the needs of all user groups. When the arena was built, the increase in the number of girls playing hockey today could not have been anticipated. The ability to provide sufficient gender specific dressing rooms is a necessity.

Important to the economic growth of Dryden, is the ability to offer high quality recreation facilities to our current residents as well as attracting newcomers to the city. Members of the DREAM Committee are dedicated to the goal of securing grants and donations to ensure that the expansion and upgrades to the arena come to fruition.

Raising the millions of dollars needed to complete all phases of the DREAM project will require hard work, determination and the support of the all user groups, individuals, businesses, organizations and government funding. We are urging you to contact a member of the DREAM Committee to see what role you can play in this important project.

If you would like to make a donation to DREAM please make cheques payable to the "City of Dryden" with DREAM written on the memo line, any donation over $100.00 will be provided with a receipt for income tax purposes.

P.O. Box 1014
P8N 3E3

Contact information:

Marnie Oliphant or (807)-938-8091

Janice Radburn or (807) 216-8168


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Statement of Support from Mayor Greg Wilson:


In Northwestern Ontario, arenas are the heart of the community, welcoming both young and old.  In almost every small town you will find the building busy – all ages out on the ice surface, parents standing at the end cheering on their teams, grandparents coming to watch the next generation.

The Dryden Memorial Arena has been a hub since it was built in 1979.  Over the years a variety of renovation plans have been drafted, funding has been applied for and repairs have been done to keep the facility running, but now its age is showing.  Recognizing that the arena needs more than repairs, the DREAM Committee has taken on the project of improving our arena to better serve all members of the community.


Please join me in supporting the DREAM Committee to help revitalize and revamp this facility.


Plan Well

Work Hard

Smile Always